Thousands of women are imprisoned in Egypt each year because they cannot repay small loans, sometimes as little as $254. Often referred to as "Al Gharemaat" or "The Fined," these women typically borrow money from pressing needs, seeking financial independence, medical care, or even basic appliances like washing machines.

Breakchains with Blockchain is the first NFT collection to liberate these women from prison sentences. Each piece sold not only raises awareness about this issue but also contributes to a woman's release from her penalty.

Agency: FCB Dubai | Role: Concept; ACD; Art Direction.


"In Egypt, under Article No 341,
defaulting on a loan is a criminal act that carries a prison sentence.
Every year tens of thousands of women are sent to prison for defaulting
on loans borrowed for a few hundred dollars.

To raise awareness about a topic no one cares about,
we jumped on the trend everyone was talking about, NFTs.

"Unlike Bored Apes or Lazy Lions,
the value of these tokens
is the price
of a human's liberty


Artists from around the world created pieces
of art inspired by the stories of these women.

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